Greenlines Marketing Message


Cause and Effect

Marketers have been attempting to study cause and effect since the arrival of their first advertising invoice. If we pay our electric bill, we flip a switch and get lights. If we pay to fly across the country, we usually walk off the airplane in our desired port. Our luggage?  We pay extra for luggage to …


A Message for the Decades

Fireflies are fascinating. They fly around in backyards and signal their mates with a flashing light. They signal until one specific response is returned from the ground. I wonder if the little insect counts how many times he must light up to find his special someone. Frequency is irrelevant. Finding his mate is all that …


Do You Remember These Slogans?

The term “effective frequency” hovers over media plans with a great cloud of doubt. What is “effective?” My proposed definition of effective is not veiled in the list below: Got milk? (used for 21 years, starting in 1993) Just do it. (used for over 26 years, starting in 1988) Good to the last drop. (used …


Is Your Message Worth Repeating?

Scientific rules are based on natural laws. Gravity works every time because of a law of nature. Airplanes fly when rules are followed. Medicine operates mainly within a set of rules. Law and accountancy operate within boundaries. There are no laws and no rules other than governmental regulations in advertising and product labeling. This is why …


But One Thing Is Needed

“Jesus answered her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed. And Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken from her’” (Luke 10:41-42). I’ve always felt that Martha knew the “one thing”—she just didn’t act on it. Like most of us who follow Jesus, busyness can …


The Second Click

Marketing involves a process of opening doors. It’s difficult to move someone from awareness of your product or service to the check-out counter by only opening one door. We live in the information age. We carry a seemingly infinite library of knowledge in our hands. We can access any website in seconds. We can check consumer reviews …


If You Can Help Me, Where Are You?

If I was looking for your product or service today, could I find you online? Let’s assume I can’t seem to go through a day without fear. I’m looking for someone to provide spiritual guidance to help me cope with or eliminate fear in my life. Let’s also assume that you have a message and …


Should We Pray to Win?

I’ve often wondered how God feels about competition. When two teams in a sporting event pray before a game, whom does God favor?  This could have been a serious prayer in the Roman Coliseum! I thought about this once when I was marketing the grand opening of a McDonald’s across the street from a Burger …


Back to the Future

Jesus spoke about our eternal future. We pray, “Thy kingdom come.”  We have a spiritual goal to become more like Him and finish the race. People in need look forward to a time when their needs are met. Marketers must take their audience to a place they want to go. Focus all copywriting on solutions …