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How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

One of the differences between teaching and professing is the willingness to repeat a lesson. Professors profess and keep moving through subsequent lectures. Teachers teach until a lesson is learned. “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you …


Please Write a Letter

We’ve probably all been counseled to “be careful who you listen to.” We are reminded to seek counsel from godly men (and women). I have advised entrepreneurs throughout my career to receive counsel only from someone with a known prayer life. If I am asking for help, I want to make sure the counsel is from …


Look! A Shiny New Object

I don’t know of any “quick fixes” in marketing. But I know that everyone wants one. People charged with “doing marketing” seem to search for the shiny object of the day in media. New tools are attractive, but systems produce better outcomes. Focus your attention on developing a process of marketing rather than working to …


What Did I Do Today?

How do you measure the progress of one day in the process of marketing? Make sure that your mailing list grows in length and quality. Attract more people to you who need what you offer. Allow them an opportunity to opt-in to something you do. Over time, look for opportunities to draw more people to …


Why Pastors Should Tweet

President Trump has given Twitter an unexpected gift. The social medium has become relevant again. Twitter was in trouble. Share prices were dropping, usage was declining and new users were not joining. The web is full of stories about how Twitter has rebounded. Check it out—if you have an interest in this media case study. …


A Bottle Full of Simple

There is more to a brand than a name, symbol or logo. A brand is designed to carry meaning and promise. When I think of Heinz, I think of ketchup. Heinz shares the family name with many food products. For many of us, Heinz means ketchup. It’s a rule: Fries must be covered with the …


Is Your Ministry to the Crowds or to the One?

Marketers need a landing page as much as they need a website. The two serve different content delivery purposes. Think of the website as the flagship retail store. It is one location that serves an international audience. It is open for business all day, every day. E-commerce is conducted on a website. A landing page is a promotion …