Do you struggle with suicidal thoughts?
Do you know someone who is depressed?
Do you minister to someone struggling with suicide?
Spiritual Secrets About Suicide was written for you.

Annette Eckart, Author

Spiritual Secrets About Suicide helps you discover spiritual authority through scriptural truth. You gain crucial insights through true stories of people who overcame suicidal thoughts.This book gives you spiritual tools to stop the lies and experience freedom.

“Powerful! Annette uses real people’s stories and teaches us with raw emotional honesty about depression and suicide. She reveals the truth about spiritual struggles around us and in us.”

Dr. Kathleen Scarbrough, MD

“This is a powerful, personally authentic, life-transforming, and life-saving tool from Annette who understands suicide holistically! An enriching, insightful, and exciting book – it is a must read!”

Rev. Boris Charles Tengabo, Professor of Psychology

“A definitive guide full of important information for those who want to learn about spiritual forces and how to deal with the epidemic of suicide. A must-read to enrich understanding, enhance skills, and prepare us to help others.”

Leia Eishenhower, Ph. D., US Airforce Total Mission Chaplain

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